We help to establish what it is that defines success for your product, service or organisation, and how you are going to get there.

Our Approach

Our passion for design and curious sensibility are deeply rooted into our approach. We help you engage, inspire and spark imagination, encouraging growth and driving business success.


Our Process

Whether you are launching a new business or product, merging with another company, restructuring your organisation, looking for new markets to operate in, or whether you need to completely re-brand your business to change perceptions, we will help manage that change.

Phase 1:


Before we can even begin thinking about putting pen to paper we need to get a thorough understanding of you, your business and what it is you are looking to achieve. We will sit down with you and discuss in depth what it is exactly that we can help you with and what budget you may have in mind, or suggest one to suit your requirements if not.

Phase 2:


We’ll then take a look at how you’re currently presenting yourselves, how you are being perceived and how your competitors compare. We will do this through audits, market research and interviews. We’ll present our findings and make recommendations from our analysis.

Phase 3:


This is a key stage of the process and as such will most probably be the most time consuming. We’ll clarify your vision, values, strategies and success metrics. We will hold workshops and discussion sessions if necessary to help develop core messages that underpin exactly what the organisation stands for.

Phase 4:


Having established what needs to be achieved from the project we will then begin creating an identity system that visually represents your brand. We will vigorously explore all ideas and possibilities for its application. We will present proposals and visual representations of what could be achieved, and how the identity could manifest itself in real-life situations and environments.

Phase 5:


After refining and finalising the identity, we’ll begin creating the new look and feel for all touchpoints. When everything has been approved and agreed we will begin rolling out the new look ensuring the best possible execution. A set of standards, guidelines and brand-building tools will be produced to help you manage the consistency and integrity of the new brand identity.

Phase 6:


As well as the key dignitaries of the organisation, every employee should be familiar with what the brand stands for and be completely engaged with embodying its values and communicating through its own voice. Leadership should come from the top levels of management as well as brand management teams.

Phase 7:


The goals laid out in Phase 3 are re-addressed and any attainable metrics are measured.

*Every client is different, as too are their goals, so our methods vary but this is a general overview of our standard branding process.